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Austin, Texas, United States
6' 1"
A little gray
Caucasian (white)
About yourself:
There is no perfect person, and I am not one, pretend to be one and you go into my black do not have to be beautiful to impress me, for beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I will give the world to be with someone with a beautiful,generous, and selfless mind. I believe in the law of attraction, weird random events that seem unlikely to be merely coincidence...but I also believe in fate...que sera sera, I guess they complement each other.
Looking for:

Heads up!..this is really going to be boring, so don't bother to stiffle the yawn when it breaks free... . I don't like seeing long faces neither do I like having one. For me, it is about total happiness for all with whom I make contact.

Yes...I know you are bored now...its okay, I understand, you can stop now...but, if happiness, love, honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, fun,holidays, beaches, trips
and ofcourse great sex, are some of the recipe for your dream relationship, then take a moment to skim through the last few lines.Just a few more odd things about me that I can remember right now, the rest you will get to know, as you become the judge of me.

-I maintain a natural harmony in my world by being satisfied with what I have. I love my life, and i love living life. I strongly repel any thing that will destabilize the balance in my world, or induce negativity around me.
-I am very emotional, I cried when I saw Titanic, I laugh to tears every time I watch Mr Bean, I beat up half the guys in my class way back,(mostly for bullying weaker fellas though), I have stand offs with my employers and contractors every time they try to twist the system to their advantage (even if I stand to benefit, I am a honest guy. I am that guy you do not want to mess with his woman.
-I love effortlessly, I hate with good reasons, I abhor cheating...I can wait all day to chat with you, and wait all night to hear your voice if you are that lady that makes me happy...Yes, I can love that much, (I hope you will be worth it).
-'Honesty is the best policy' stands out as my best quote...I will give anything to be loved without reasons, without logic, and without boundaries.
-surprises,music,beaches,sports,,books,open mindedness,forgetfulness,spontaneity,movies,outdoors(not always),sense of humor,work,traveling,business,up and down,healthy living,respect,honor,family,wine,togetherness,unity,principle,change of plans,love making, kisses,settling down,romance,...these are some keywords we may share very often.
When I was younger, I use to think that I will travel the world and live my life to the fullest, have all the fun In the world...and be free like a away to places unknown, but today, time and tide have altered my take on fulfillment. Happiness can best be known when shared...with some one that knows the sting of loneliness. It is in loving that you find love.

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